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How to write a patch

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    Default How to write a patch

    Recently a member have asked me how to write a patch.As in my previous thread I explain how to apply a patch, Now what are you gonna do if you want to some one yourself? Write a patch. It is a quick was to get to be known by all.
    Example You have a file name L.txt containing a line :

    Luke Vader is a Jedi knight
    Well you wrote your another same as above but updated with line :

    Luke Skywalker is a Jedi Knight.
    After writing the patch type this:

    diff -c originalfile updatedfile > patchfilename.patch
    But many a time you will find bugs reported in many files of directory. Then type this:

    diff --crB /orginal/directory /updated/directory > patchfilename.patch.

    Hurray patch is complete. But before submitting test it on your self.
    patch --dry-run -p0 patchfilename.patch

    if its working then submit it.
    Not always will you be lucky to find the solution posted but you will have to find them yourself.
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    I'm looking for these details from so many days. Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrhannette View Post

    I'm looking for these details from so many days. Thank you
    Your most welcome, 'We are always there to contribute you'
    So any queries further are most welcome

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    Great post!

    For all curious Linux users, the great than sign ('>') means output will be stored to the file. You can use it for almost any CLI (command-line interface) program. If you want to take a good look at the diff before making it a patch file, I'd suggest you use:
    diff -c originalfile updatedfile | less
    You can use the slash key ('/') to search for things within the diff.

    Luke, I have a question. I understand that on most VCS's the diff command output is not the same as that of the diff you've just explained here. And if I'm not using a DVCS, it isn't very simple to branch (will have to spend bandwidth downloading). Is there any simple way to generate a patch when I'm already using a VCS like hg, bzr or svn? Thanks!

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    Thank you for sharing these details with us. I have tried and it works.

    Thank you so much.

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    Default Thank

    Dear sir,
    i am very thank full to you for this kind information. I am trying it.and taking its a advantages.

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