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Partitioning in linux

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    Default Partitioning in linux

    No more partitioning is difficult for a beginnner in linux. In fact it is much more easier than windows.You have many intuitive tools for command line as well as gui. Some of them are:

    1. Parted: This is a command line utility for resizing , creating , deleting move, checking and removing the partitions. It just not only moves partitions but filesystems aldo. It don't supports ext4 till now.
    2. Fdisk: This is another command line utility for manipulating partition. I prefers sfdisk. There is cfdisk also.
    3. Gparted: This is a gui utility based on gtk+ but it don't detect zfs. Otherwise this is quite userfriendly.It can resize, delete, remove copy and move filesystems. You can change flags and labels also.
    4 Qparted: The first GUI partion table manipulator I know. It is based on Qt and is included on knoppix livecd. It don't supports lvm but can resize ntfs using ntfsresize .

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    What is the max RAM we will need to run RedHat 5 version ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrhannette View Post

    What is the max RAM we will need to run RedHat 5 version ?
    It depends on the applications you are intended to deploy, just for installing and experimenting c2d with 1 gb is enough.

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    Thanks for the partitioning information..

    Helped me ...

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    max RAM is bound by the capacity of the motherboard not by OS.

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