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XFCE desktop environment

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    Default XFCE desktop environment

    XFCE is a middle weight desktop environment consuming less resources like CPU, RAM and power than kde and gnome. It is ideal for laptops.It have many plugin divided into:
    Panel plugin and thunar plugins ( they add functionality to filemanger).

    Panel Plugins
    xfce4-battery-plugin: It displays power use, cpu, fan speed. It put laptop at hibernate when power is finished.
    xfce4-mount-plugin: It helps to mount filesystems.
    xfce4-sensors-plugin: Displays resources status.
    xfce4-verve-plugin: It adds a terminal.

    Ubuntu/debain/derivatives user

    apt-get intsall xfce

    fedora/rpm based users
    yum install xfce

    If earlier you don't have any desktop environment type this:
    echo "exec startlxde" >> ~/.xinitrc
    Then type this:

    If you already have desktop environment you will get it as options from login window of gdm or kdm.

    Some of the sites which gives plugin:
    Xfce Goodies Project [Xfce Goodies]
    Thunar Plugins

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    I have done a mistake it will be:
    echo "exec startxfce" >> ~/.xinitrc

    In place of:
    echo "exec startlxde" >> ~/.xinitrc

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