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Network tools: Gnome

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    Default Network tools: Gnome

    This thread should really kill which OS is more user friendly in term of GUI : linux or windows.

    Network tools is a pure gui user who never want touch console or command prompt.

    What you can do using gui:
    1. Devices: select the device.
    2. Ping; Yeah even ping using it.
    3. Netstat: Routing , active network and multicast info.
    4. Traceroute: Didn't I told you every thing here is gui?
    5. Port scan: Yeah.
    6. Stack fingerprinting here called as lookup: Give CPU and OS info, name server and blah and blah of remote server. But if you already know then you know many of these info can be faked or hided.
    7. Whois info of any domain.

    It can beep on ping. You can save report as text.

    It is install as default in gnome. If you are using a gnome desktop environment then it is available under system menu of application.
    Check out its homepage for more info:
    GNOME Network

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    I will prefer for the Linux. It is the best one :-)

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