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GUI editors for linux ( alternative for notepad++)

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    Default GUI editors for linux ( alternative for notepad++)

    Gedit:It is the default gui editor of gnome. It has currently eleven plugins for case indentation statistics tag and changing it mod-lines to vi or kate external tools and e.t.c.. It currently supports 33 scripts and programming languages. Fairly easy to use with auto save feature.

    Kate/kwrite/Kedit: I personally don't find any major difference between them except that kate has some bells and whistles. They can spell check. They support vi input mode. It can be open via console with additional options.( i do know that any thing can be open via command line but here you can do thing like download file and open it via same command though you can do that using pipes also. But if you know them then you dont need it) One of them is always available as default in KDE environment.

    Nedit: It supports for many programming languages. It too is quite easy to use.It is quite plain in look.

    Now I should never hear anything about no alternative of notepad++ ( a advanced version of notepad with support for many programming languages) but only emacs which is for weirdo like us.

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    Thank you for such helpful detail :-)

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