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Linux from Scratch

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    Default Linux from Scratch

    This distro is for only developers , geeks and students looking to understand the OS. As its name imply you have to make everything on your own here. There's no package management. Juts use or freshmeat. Only help is books by reading which you can compile.
    There's a livecd also called LFS LiveCD but it is not for installing an OS. It use is to build an OS , as rescue CD and install LFS books. It supports : x86 and x86_64. There's a patch project called LFS Patches to provide user with all patches. Also small doc-lets called LFS Hints exists. Support is through IRC channels and mailing lists.

    Its aim is to let the user knows how Linux works.
    What you will get by LFS provides a base to add more softwares but BLFS is to add more software. There's a clfs to cross compile and hlfs for hardened linux.

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    Provide me any site name to download the linux version 5.

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