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KVM : Linux can do all

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    Default KVM : Linux can do all

    Kernel-based Virtual Machine is a hypervisor for linux and now can be run by FreeBSD also. It supports a wide variety of OS like FreeBSD , solaris ,NT based and Mach OS X. It supports x86 and x86_64 both.
    A guest have following parts have following emulated parts:
    network card,
    graphics adapter
    It has following parts:
    kernel module( can be built or separate) kvm.ko: This is the heart and soul of kvm.
    Processor module:kvm-intel.ko or kvm-amd.ko supporting AMD-V or intel -VT.
    It supports usb devices. It supports para virtualisation for devices drivers.
    It supports SMP hosts and SMP guests. You can use swapping for guest also. It supports all images supported by qemu like qcow2 and vmware images. This project has the blessing of Redhat.

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    Thank you for these details, please provide me some links to know more details.

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