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Gnome office

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    Default Gnome office

    Gnome office is a light weight suite containing Abiword , Abiword , Gnumeric and Evolution.

    Abiword is a lightweight word processor and it has a builtin spellchecker and grammar checker unlike openoffice where you have to install a plugin. It can open MS word documents. It has been selected for one latop a child project.

    Gnumeric is a counterpart of MS excel for spread sheet applications.

    Evince: It can open pdf, dvi and djvu documents. It can open e-comics also.

    Evolution: It can be used as email client for pop3 and imap.

    There's a glom also for designing databases. It must be noted it has tomboy also but mono ( MS .net framework) is being removed by many distro like fedora so I don't think it will be appropriate to mention them.

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    Is Gnome office is user friendly like MS Office?

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    I appreciate the details you provided. Please provide any link for further details.

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    Just google it you will find many links for details:

    GnomeOffice - GNOME Live!


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