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GNU IceCat

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    Default GNU IceCat

    Gunzilla team released its latest stable version of its web browser GNU IceCat 3.6 which is a free software web browser compatible with Linux and Mac OS X operating systems.

    In this GNU project they have developed the GNU version of the Firefox browser, but GNU IceCat is entirely free software by removing the non-free software artwork and software plug in used in Mozilla Firefox.

    Gunzilla's GNU IceCat 3.6 is a fully free software and its plugin finder also offers only free plugins.

    GNU IceCat 3.6 comes with additional security features:

    • Blocks Third party zero length image files which result in third party cookie.
    • Provides warnings for URL redirection.

    With a support for lots of addons Gunzilla's GNU IceCat 3.6 is a perfect replacement for Mozilla Firefox.

    Free addons for IceCat


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    I didnot knew that. By the way what distro do you use?

    Would have given rep but can't.
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