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Organizer For Linux

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    Default Organizer For Linux

    Want to organize your daily chores like, schedule reminders, to do list, notes in your Linux distro then qOrganizer is the utility which you should look for. qOrganizer is a general organizer which has a calender with schedules, its usefil for students too which can help them manage time table and such utilities, with an easy to use interface.


    • Unique Interface design which is clear and simple.
    • Automatic Saving of all Data.
    • Rich text journal for everyday in which you can even drag and drop images.
    • search option in schedules and journal.
    • Print any page.
    • The data can be stored in Text Files, sqlite database, and even MySQL database.
    • Support for 14 Languages

    This application has been developed by a college student of his own.

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    good find!! Evolution integrates well with google calendar , thats something i use!!

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