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Moblin Linux -- Intel Backed

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    Default Moblin Linux -- Intel Backed

    Mobline an open source operating system which is Linux based developed by Intel under The Linux Foundation Project for netbooks, nettops and embedded devices, the latest stable release Moblin 2.1 was released on 4th Nov 2009.

    Moblin is build around Intel processors and supports other chipsets based on the SSSE3 instruction set processors.

    CPU's whith SSSE3 Instruction Set:

    • Xeon 5100 Series
    • Xeon 5300 Series
    • Xeon 3000 Series
    • Core 2 Duo
    • Core 2 Extreme
    • Core 2 Quad
    • Core i7
    • Core i5
    • Pentium Dual Core (NOT "Pentium D")
    • Celeron 4xx Sequence Conroe-L
    • Celeron Dual Core E1200
    • Celeron M 500 series
    • Atom

    • Nano

    Moblin 2 Beta was released with added features to minimize boot times, lesser power consumption for netbook and mobile Internet Devices which is built using the OpenSUSE Build Service. Its interface has been designed using Clutter, KMS and DRI2 which are Open Source Graphics Technologys. Moblin 2 Beta has got a good media support and scrolling toolbars.

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    This is quite cool way from Intel promoting their own chipset over other chipsets available in market.

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    yet another merger
    Mobin - backed by Intel
    Maemo - backed by Nokia
    is being merged to form MeeGo - Though the name sounds like my pets name mojjo (or) YouGo. Well this is the fun part with FOSS you got to name anything you like in this world
    "Show your emancipation by accepting GNU/Linux"

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