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    Blender is a free and open source 3d animaton manipulation , management and creation tool for linux. It is available for a large number of other operating systems: FreeBSD , windows , MAC OS , Solaris and SGI.
    It has a quite a nice gui but it must be noted its is criticise for being too difficult to learn in comparison to other tools. It can be used for physics and particles simulations and modelling. It can create 3d games using. It supports uv wrappings where it is a leader. It is quite small in size in fact minuscule. It still can be compared to commercial tools and has bben utilized in movie projects like spiderman-2. Its recommended requirements are quite low in comparison to others: 2 gb ram, 2 GHZ processor intel dual core or equivalent/better and graphics card with 256 and 1900x1200 resolutions. It can run on much lower end computers also but then it can't be used for applications much. It has python for scripting.

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    Blender is very good at rendering high quality images. Blender is compatible with variety of Operating systems like Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows,FreeBSD, IRIX, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris. Installation of Blender is comparatively small in size.