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Ubuntu 10.04LTS wireless modem internet confi.

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    Unhappy Ubuntu 10.04LTS wireless modem internet confi.

    OS :- Ubuntu 10.04LTS
    Modem :-Nokia Siemens Networks , Residential Router 1600
    ___Wireless modem has detected through VPN submenu and the connection has established by giving wireless KeY(128 Bits).
    Now how to connect ppp connection ?
    i dial it by giving user name and password in wired LAN connection.
    How to configure it in wireless connection ?

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    This is for Always on mode and I presume that regardless of what type of modem you are using the ubuntu 10.04LTS simply detects the network (eth/wlan). Previouly(I have used ubuntu 8.04) the network adpter(atheros/broadcom) use to give problems with the driver but for the atheros the support is there in ubuntu 10.04 and it was easily configurable and for broadcom the driver is still not available (ref:-LiMo amigo - Netbook | # #)

    based on the type of key you have specified(WEP/WPA) simply select the wireless option in the network manager(ref:-
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