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Linux Hosting Or Window Hosting?

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    Default Linux Hosting Or Window Hosting?

    Linux Hosting Or Window Hosting? which one is better ?

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    Whether to choose Linux or Windows Hosting completely depends on the applications which are available on Linux and Windows, these applications are necessary for your website to function. If you are interested in running Apps like VBSscript, ASP, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and you don't want to learn about the working of Linux then the best option for you is Windows Hosting.

    Whereas if you want to avoid the high licensing fees and you are on a tight budget then Linux will be a better option, since its an open source software. Also scripting language like MySQL, Perl and PHP run better on Linux based servers.

    Choose according to your won requirements as both Linux and Windows hosting have their own advantages as well as Dis-advantages.

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    I have been hosting on Linux (LAMP stack) since last 8 years and have found no issues. Linux is much more lightweight and stable than Windows hosting.
    But if you development requirement requires Microsoft technologies like .net and VB / SQL Server etc, then you have no other option but to go for Windows.

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    It Depends on the requirements ....

    If The developed application made in or requires the IIS .. you need window hosting ...

    and for php linux hosting is best option..

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