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avr anyone?

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    Wink avr anyone?

    any avr guys here?
    i need help. Laser Transceiver (laser data link) is the project i am doing pet project we got everything built. i am a jackass when it comes to avr anyone here into avr? i went to avr forums. sigh. they said "go hack yourself and notify us!" sigh what a great help!
    anyone here anyone?
    with this we are trying to get a 10 gbps point to point using laser :-D upto max 345 mts or 1000 ft.
    i know i am crazy dont get started on it. :-D
    anyone willing to help me anyone?
    p.s. if no one helps i will have to be there in freenode. thats the only place left for me. i wish to connect a few devices at home via wireless, and wifi and RF is out of question. dont want a snoop in! ;-) any input is appreciated.
    p.s. whole project is costing us only 30 US$ aka 1500 INR and for 1500 INR we are trying to achieve 10 gbps. i know we are crazy *lunatech* chaps! anyone here as lunatic/lunatech as me and my friends are? sayyyyy arrrrrrrrrrrrr!
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