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HDD replacement : how to do backup

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    Default HDD replacement : how to do backup

    Hi folks,

    I want to replace my hdd with SSD HDD. Before doing this, i need to take backup of my system. how can i do it? after replacement how can i copy the backup to new HDD?
    Running Cent OS 6.5 x64. Please advice.
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    Keep in mind that before attempting the next steps, you should try to save all your data in an external hard drive by simple copy/paste. Then, try to get a hard disk cloning software such as Clonezilla. I'm not sure it will work with Cent OS. You need a CD/DVD reader and the new SSD installed to receive the clone. Download the Clonezilla software, burn it to a DVD and boot from that DVD. Then follow the instructions until you choose the Source and Target hard disks. Now you can install your new system. Normally, a HDD can be cloned or at least migrated to a SSD...

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    You can backup your data easily on a USB drive. However it takes too much time and copying all data is a time-consuming task. The best practice will be using some kind of backup software. Tey can backup your data properly and you can easily recover it.

    The method I use is Ghost Drive method. I usually make a ghost drive of my data, along with the Operating system itself. Yeah Making a backup of the operating system is also possible in a ghost drive method. You can do it too make a Ghost drive of your system and replace your Hard drive., Than easily recovers your data back.

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    Well, either you need to connect both of them at the same time or you need a 3rd device to store all the files. If you are using a laptop I don't think you can conect a SSD and HDD at the same time, but if you are using a Desktop you can do it!

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    Try clonezilla or REDO
    REDO is like complete HDD backup
    Clonezilla can be useful for partitions or full disks (preferred)

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