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    Default Kids!!!

    Lets not discuss the cute things about kids...they are always adorable..lets discuss something different and serious..
    Why Kids Lie??

    Parents have rated “honesty” as the trait they most wanted in their children. Other traits, such as confidence or good judgment, don’t even come close. On paper, the kids are getting this message. In surveys, 98 percent said that trust and honesty were essential in a personal relationship. Depending on their ages, 96 to 98 percent said lying is morally wrong.

    So when do the 98 percent who think lying is wrong become the 98 percent who lie?

    It starts very young. Indeed, bright kids—those who do better on other academic indicators—are able to start lying at 2 or 3.
    Although we think of truthfulness as a young child’s paramount virtue, it turns out that lying is the more advanced skill. A child who is going to lie must recognize the truth, intellectually conceive of an alternate reality, and be able to convincingly sell that new reality to someone else. Therefore, lying demands both advanced cognitive development and social skills that honesty simply doesn’t require.

    This puts parents in the position of being either damned or blessed, depending on how they choose to look at it. If your 4-year-old is a good liar, it’s a strong sign she’s got brains. And it’s the smart, savvy kid who’s most at risk of becoming a habitual liar.
    By their 4th birthday, almost all kids will start experimenting with lying in order to avoid punishment. Because of that, they lie indiscriminately—whenever punishment seems to be a possibility. A 3-year-old will say, “I didn’t hit my sister,” even if a parent witnessed the child’s hitting her sibling.
    Most parents hear their child lie and assume he’s too young to understand what lies are or that lying’s wrong. They presume their child will stop when he gets older and learns those distinctions. Researchers has found the opposite to be true—kids who grasp early the nuances between lies and truth use this knowledge to their advantage, making them more prone to lie when given the chance.

    I request to you please put in your thoughts and figure out something interesting....

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    that's true manish... self experienced.
    Never ever stop a child doing anything, right or wrong. Its always an action in disguise . many from our IBB can comment
    Everyone Is Entitled To My Opinion !

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    Quote Originally Posted by DZire View Post many from our IBB can comment
    I think almost everyone..everyone here is a KID

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