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    Cell, is an apocalyptic horror novel published, by American author Stephen King in the January 2006.

    The plot of the novel concerns an artist in New England artist and his struggle to reunite with his young son after the broadcast of a mysterious signal over the global cell-phone network starts turning masses of his fellow humans into zombies.

    The Cell is one of those books written by Stephen King that has generally received good reviews from the critics. Magazine like, Publishers Weekly described the book as a glib and techno phobic yet a very compelling look at the end of civilization. The book is also full of witty and jaunty sociological observations.

    Bev Vincent who is a Stephen King scholar called Cell, a dark and gritty novel which is pessimistic in many ways. He also said that Cell is a book that is in stark contrast to the fundamental optimism offered by The Stand.

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    I think you are a fanboy of King.

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