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Twitter a world of opportunities

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    Lightbulb Twitter a world of opportunities

    Twitter is the new buzz especially among bollywood celebs. Every celeb from the likes of karan johar, priyanka chopra, uday chopra, sonam kapoor , Imran khan, Celina jaitly, Gul panag, and more recently Farhan akhtar, SRK, and Deepika Padukone are found flocking to twitter to promote their movies and get more personal with fans.
    With more and more celebs joining twitter the number of Indians joining it has increased too, Twitter now has 1.4 million users from India, the third largest after Germany and the US.!!! Twitter definitely is the in thing this season and this social networking in 140 characters has immense potential too.

    Let me list a few of the many things you can use twitter for:
    *Drive traffic to your blog: Getting traffic was never so easy. Just post a shortened link of your post on twitter and get instant traffic try it I have done it n now I get 50 % of traffic from twitter
    *Getting Help: getting help is very easy just post ur problem with appropriate hashtag and solve ur techno and geeky problems
    *Public Dairy: yeah when you are addicted to twitter you post almost everything you do on twitter which is like your dairy record but its there for everyone to see
    *Chat with celebs: many high profile celebs are on twitter and indulge in conversations with fans especially Celina jaitly, Gul panag and Chetan bhagat reply to almost every query by fans.
    *make a difference : Twitter has huge potential to make your cause public or fight for it, there are many ways like getting your topic to trending topics list, or using twibbons, hashtag and spread around the word
    *Marketing tool: twitter is a great marketing tool for organizations, of late many commercial firms are using twitter to find new customers, running contest etc..
    *Real time news: this is probably the most important use of twitter , you can get news of almost anything happening anywhere around the world, if its something big it will be in trending topics and you will be updated instantly!
    * Make friends: Twitter is also a social networking tool, making friends on twitter is very easy in fact u can make thousands of friends unlike orkut which have limit !
    *Time pass: nothing to do?? Log in to twitter you will never get bored or be alone
    * And well you can do many other things on twitter read new jokes, quotes get latest score updates, play contest, learn new things, debate, etc…..

    So well what are u waiting for? Just dive into the world of opportunities
    And don’t forget to follow me

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    Twitter has recently added a profile verification procedure. Its aim is to authenticate the genuine user and celebrities like Demi Moore are using it. There will be a verified sign on the celebrities profile indicating that Twitter has personally verified the account. Anyone can request the verification process. However, at present the service is offered to only the big shots who don't want their impersonators to go loose and fraud with their fans.

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    and if i remember correctly, shashi tharoor's twitter profile is not verified by the indian government

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    Yeah the verification option is good there are many fake celeb profiles on twitter ike sachin tendulkar and dhoni's
    Also it takes time for getting a profile verified
    BTW shashi is verified Shashi Tharoor (ShashiTharoor) on Twitter

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