There is this adoption craze among celeb.
Its good that celebs are adopting but what if itís a public relations ploy ? and I wonder why most of these international celebs never adopt from their own country.
Back home sushmita sen has adopted another child which brings celebs and adoption in spotlite. Adoption now is all a rage ! Angelina jolie and brad pitt are one couple who are playing this adoption game very smartly ! it was rumoured that Angelina wanted to adopt one baby from every country !!

And well how is it so easy for celebs to adopt, while couples who donít have kids find is so difficult to adopt. Anyways its ok if they get that extra publicity as long as a child is removed from poverty.

Yeah well but I do admire their gesture, but charity begins at home I heard .

Famous folks who are adopting spree include

Hugh Jackman

Steven Spielberg

Sheryl Crow

Nicole Ritchie

Sharon stone


Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Meg Ryan

Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman and many more .....

So what do you think about celebrity adoptions. Good or weird ?