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Buying a netbook.

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    Default Buying a netbook.

    I am seriously considering this 10.2'' Intel Atom D425 netbook.
    It's $199.99 with $35 shipping.

    10.2'' Wide-screen
    Graphic Processor Intel GMA X3150
    Model I8B11D4
    Operating System Windows2000/XP/Windows7
    Processor Intel Atom D425 1.8GHZ
    Display 10.2'' Wide-screen
    1280*600 WXGA

    Waiting for your answer. Thanks.

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    Little tricky on the processor speed

    But then see these sites and make up ur mind

    Intel Atom D425 netbook review

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    Default Netbook attraction-longer battery life !

    In India 1 Gb ram+ WinXp +250 gb selling for Rs 14500-17000.
    HP- 2 Gb ram + 250Gb disk+ Win 7 starter+ In built Net camera selling up to Rs 19-20k or so. ( 2 GB ram is a must)
    what is the brand +ram + Hard disk specification? China brands are not worth it.
    No custom's duty ( bill value- Rs 10000) when you buy from abroad ????

    If it Amazon kind of site -ok. But china sites- bait and switch.

    If you are not particular about longer battery life,
    get older 15" Core 2 Duo chip ( Newer I 3/5/7 are expensive) proper notebook around 25k here in India with service. (Acer is value for money)

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    I am using Lenovo netbook and I am happy with its performance

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    hi Kangaroo, long time

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    I am not so geeky to tell you whether the processor speed is fine or not but I can tell you this very well that an Intel Atom processor is a very good one for a netbook. I have been using a netbook based on Atom processor and I am very satisfied with its performance. Therefore I can bet that you will love it.

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