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Thread: How to change ownership of car in KOLKATA ?

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    Default How to change ownership of car in KOLKATA ?


    one of my friend's father has passed away last year. his only son wants to change ownership to his name.

    what is the procedure to follow ?

    does Form 31 needs to fill up ?

    does Form 30 needs to fill up ?

    does Form 30 and form 31 both needs to fill up ?

    can you please suggest the procedure ?

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    Does Form 31 needs to fill up ?

    Yes when the owner of the vehicle is no more then form 31 needs to be filled.

    Does Form 30 needs to fill up ?

    Yes he will need to fill form 30 too.

    Does Form 30 and form 31 both needs to fill up ?

    Yes both 30 and 31 forms need to be filled up.

    This is what all you need :

    • Form 30 (affixed with chassis print on it).
    • Form 31.
    • Death certificate of owner of vehicle.
    • Succession certificate.
    • Affidavit of successor.
    • All valid documents of vehicle.

    If the car is financed by a financier then an affidavit of no objection also needs to be filled.

    Hope this helps although its too late to reply.

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    I my Opinion he has to fill form 31.

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