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  1. I have a very close friend from Bihar so caught a few words here and there
  2. Maithili not Bihari
  3. <a href="">Itna achcha bihari kaha se seekh leeye bhai?</a> humko to pata he nahi tha.
  4. WoW must have been a lot of fun Albums are activated now just in time I guess will look farward to the pictures....
  5. It was awesome... My bro has married a punjabi gal (from firozpur)... It was funny to witness the interaction and clashes of the guests from Bihar and Punjab... Will create an album soon...
  6. How did the wedding go
  7. Wow.. Thats great news... :clap:
    I'll be contributing here more than ever before..
  8. I just didint get the time ... I have lot of time now and will be working on the forum more then ever before
  9. Thanks for taking some time out to upgrade the script...
    I was wondering what took you so long? Buzy schedule or SEO strategy?
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