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  1. nice working
  2. You're most welcome. I'm fine. How about you and your new job?
  3. hey bro!! how are you??
    thanks for the repo))
  4. Thank you so much, mickey!
  5. Happy Budday Paaji....
  6. I'll upload the pics after the contest is over...
  7. hmmm yeh thodi jyada ho gayi (aapka dil bhi bada hai) and when will you load the marriage pics???
    one of my cousins also married Punjabi girl.. ))scene was extreme. Bengali groom, bride Punjabi and their odd relatives))
  8. Haan bade bhaiya... aap ka dil bhi bahot bada hai...
  9. to mai ek din bada hua))
  10. are paaji, mera march 17 ko hotasi...)))
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