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  1. Found it. Its not available in epiphany but after going under under property of firefox rss feed
  2. It should be in your browser... its not posted on the site but your browser should automatically detect it.

    Check the extreme right end of the field where you enter the url of a site to visit it...

    Let me knof if you need more help.
  3. Where is the link of RSS?
  4. indiabroadband at gmail dot com means
  5. I am interested. As for my English , I do much grammatical mistakes but I can solve it by using
    But I can't understand email id:indiabroadband at gmail dot com
  6. Seeing the rampant misuse of power by mods & admin I think I don't want to be part of this forum.
    As for hosting I was purchasing it. But kk want everything under his name is that good?
  7. I didn't say it had been done by lama or NPU or kk. I am not mod. Till till yesterday it was not done. Farce will attest to that.
  8. I think my post had been edited there & I am going to raise this issue.
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