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  1. Happy late late New Year!! how are you??
  2. You have posted the 'visitors message' in YOUR inbox... I dint see. Ok i ll wait..
  3. :50: :50: :50: :50:

    :50: :50: :50:

    Am waiting for your guidance
  4. Then..? How do i post the pic here.. In the posts?
    When i 'm trying to post it is just showing the address....
  5. ohh sorry ...
    than ctrl + v on any editing software like paint..
  6. After that??
  7. when you wanna take pic of say desktop, you press, ctrl and print screen button, (next to F12 key in generic keypads)

  8. Hey, how do you take screen shots?
  9. I have started a new thread as you have suggested.. Do leave your valuable suggestions..
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