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  1. g talk
  2. chad, srver respond koche naa
  3. ok ! come sharp, gotta go to sleep early today, college tommorow
  4. play ?
  5. now its 1.56am . open garena at 2.05am . I will PM u on garena so keep it open. JaiHind.
  6. well u were offline so i didnt reply, i will play
  7. what happened hellboy, y u dont call me no more. gimme a hollar the moment u come online.
  8. whats cookin hellboy
  9. *browsing overhead
  10. how? is it because I was the server ? or are u using some software ?
    kichu suggest kor na........... kono web accl ( like onspeed) use korbo brosding overhead komabar jonno ?
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