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  1. Collage days again
    bhai its good for UK people and hows everything else going on with you
  2. oopsie... m currently based here at india only colg n all... wont be much use will it?
  3. Even i've been busy like crazy and its just gonna get worse in the coming weeks... Colg startin from monday ... Nope i've not checked it out yet. Will check when i'm on the comp.. On mobile now.
  4. Hi Starry

    I am good yaar, you say how are you and not able to provide proper time to forum coz just busy with some other project and all that, did you check UK Broadband Forum
  5. hows u smoothie... looong time..
  6. thnx smoothie
  7. they imply that hanging out with a male pal is gay check the last few pages in the morning thread.
  8. with whome starry
  9. smoothie what the hell is wrong with these people!? i dnt get it...
  10. okies mate, hope to see you soon and keep poping up
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