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Thread: What would you prefer Lancer cedia or mitsubishi lancer?

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    Default What would you prefer Lancer cedia or mitsubishi lancer?

    Cedia: features a two-litre, 4-cylinder petrol engine that offers a peak power of 115 PS and a maximum torque of 175 Nm. The car's top speed is 180 kmph and safety features include dual air bags with an anti-lock braking system and electronic brake force distribution. The car also features multi-link independent suspension and a five speed manual gearbox.

    Lancers (mitsubishi): are 4-cyl sedans that range from entry-level economy models to pricey high-performance versions. ES and O-Z Rally models have 120 hp, Ralliart models have 162. These models have front-wheel drive. The high-performance Evolution models come in RS, IX, and MR designations. They are turbocharged and have 286 hp, an increase of 10 hp over 2005. Evos also have all-wheel drive. Every Lancer comes with manual transmission, a 6-speed for the Evolution MR, a 5-speed for the others. Automatic transmission is available for ES, O-Z, and Ralliart. ABS is standard on Ralliart and Evo IX and MR, optional on the others. Front side airbags are standard on Ralliart, optional on ES and O-Z, and unavailable on Evos. Ralliarts have a sport suspension, Evo-style front seats, and unique trim. Evolutions have racing-inspired cosmetics and suspension tuning. RS and MR versions pare pounds partly through use of some lighter-weight body panels.

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    I would prefer mitsubishi lancer..

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    Quote Originally Posted by harshini View Post
    I would prefer mitsubishi lancer..
    definately lancer ... awsome killing luks wid low profile tyres . 70 black film on glasses . +high pitch hoooooter . neon lights inside alloyes .. lovin it

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    I own a 10 year lancer. I love its looks and the handling. Overall a good machine and value for money.

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