View Poll Results: Which is the best Usb Modem Net Device?

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  • TataIndicom

    3 15.79%
  • Reliance

    7 36.84%
  • Airtel

    2 10.53%
  • Others

    7 36.84%
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Best Usb Modem Net Device

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    Default Best Usb Modem Net Device

    Well I've a query that I've been Connected to Broadband under 500 Home Plan but now I wanna buy a Usb Modem Net connect Device so whenever I'll some rural circles then I'll be able to surf the Net comfortably and easily.Since tons of Usb Devices available in the market I want U guys help me suggest which Usb Modem Net Device is best in terms of Tarrifs,Speeds, and above all connectivity especially in rural places.Here are some basic features that any Usb Modem Net Device as follows:-
    1.Tarrif Plans
    2.Speed(at minimum)
    3.Connectivity(Rural places)
    4.Rest features are as per Ur brilliance and intellectunk:

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    Go for airtel.. use it either through a EDGE enabled mobile phone like Nokia 3110c OR go for Reliance if u can pay a bit more.. for slightly better speeds...

    i personally use BSNL and quite happy with it..

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    Default BSNL USB modem

    hi member,
    I thick BSNL is most cost-effective as it got unlimited download facility but the real drawback is speed

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    Thanks it is wright

    4.Rest features are as per Ur brilliance and intellectunk:[/QUOTE]
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