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Mobile internet and broadband connections

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    Default Mobile internet and broadband connections

    Mobile Internet
    For using internet through mobile phone in India)


    Note:- if you want to use internet through mobile(and connect laptop/PC) you should buy a multimedia handset that supports GPRS or EDGE technology. A multimedia handset has capacity for GPRS and EDGE.

    Now EDGE has various classes. The latest the model the higher the speeds would be (click here for complete guide on buying cellphone for mobile internet)

    This option is good for people who do NOT want to download much or watch many youtube videos. Using this option you can download upto 200-250 Mb in one night.

    Speeds (Common for all service providers)

    In EDGE enabled Area (metro's, urban and semi-urban)- 15 Kbps
    In GPRS enabled area (villages and rural areas)- 4 KBps

    (Cheapest and Best)

    Airtel is the largest and the best telecom company in India. When it comes to using internet on mobile, Airtel wins in all aspects. It has unlimited plans both for prepaid and postpaid customer which makes it even better option.

    The prepaid GPRS tariff varies from state to state. In some states there is monthly unlimited plan and in some daily plans are available.

    For example:

    Mumbai- Rs 25 per day. (No monthly weekly plan available)
    Rajasthan- Rs 395 monthly (no daily plan available)
    Madhya pradesh- Rs 10 per day, weekly Rs 195


    Rs 650 to Rs 900 (depends on location)

    Pros of using Airtel connection

    Great speed and connectivity if used with EDGE enabled handsets (complete guide)
    Free nationwide Roaming both prepaid and postpaid plans
    easy recharge options
    Great network even in small villages

    Airtel speed prices in different state.. Basics of Edge and GPRS. Which handset to choose. Postpaid and prepaid expenses. Pros and Cons.

    Vodafone (not recommended)
    Very expensive charges based on 20 Paisa per 10 KB (you pay 1 Rs if you login on facebook)

    (Not a bad idea if you “do not want” all India Roaming)

    Idea has some good plans and can be used as an alternative to Airtel. The only Cons Idea has is it is little bit more expensive than airtel and provide free GPRS roaming on only selected states.

    Here is the tariff for Idea GPRS internet (EDGE enabled)

    Rs 195 7 days Unlimited
    Rs 699 30 days Unlimited
    Rs 20 1 day Unlimited

    Rs 849 1 month Unlimited

    (Available all over India except Delhi and Mumbai.)

    BSNL is Govt of India company. It has plans those are best(speed and network) and most economic.

    Go for it if you want cheap options and do not mind poor customer service. The only downside to BSNL is that there is no unlimited GPRS plans for prepaid customers. So you have to bound by the

    Prepaid (
    10 paise per 10 KB
    recharge with 230 rs


    199 Rs per month Unlimited download

    Nationwide roaming, unlimited internet, low cost.

    poor customer service, Roaming charges in Delhi and Mumbai

    (Available only in Delhi and Mumbai)

    for some obvious reason BSNL is MTNL in Delhi and Mumbai. Yes, this is a big turn off for their customers as they do not get an option from government for free nationwide roaming as an alternative to Airtel plans.

    MTNL is slightly expensive than BSNL plans but is like it's brother. Similar customer service experience and low tariff plans.

    10 Paisa per 10 KB (No unlimited option)

    399 Rs per month Unlimited Downloading

    (New kid on the block)

    Aircel, at first it sounds like sister concern for Airtel. But no it is not. It has recently launched its services in Mumbai. The speed is below average and plans are cheap.

    So you can go for Aircel if you are on a budget and use internet only for checking email and surfing websites. Here are it's internet plans

    Pocket internet plan Rs 99 Per month

    Post Paid
    99 rs per month


    How much downloading speed can you expect?
    The companies promise a speed of around 115 Kbps. So you get downloading speed of around 5 KBps to 15 KBps.

    Which mobile phone support EDGE technology for mobile internet?
    Nokia 3110 classic is the cheapest handset that costs around 4000 rs. Any multimedia phone that has java enabled features and USB can be used to connect to the internet.

    What is the pros of using internet through mobile?
    - You get free roaming and no extra data charges while not in home state.
    - It is a cheaper option that broadband. If you just want to surf you can go for mobile connection.
    - No need to buy separate data card to use internet.
    - Faster speeds than dial up networks that costs almost the same.
    - Mobility to use internet with your laptop anywhere anytime.

    Cons of using internet through mobile
    - The battery of mobile dies quickly while using internet.
    - Speeds are not as fast as landline broadband connection.
    - Unstable, and in many cases lack of connectivity.
    - Confusion in choosing handsets.
    - Problems in setting up the handset for access point etc (this could be a problem especially with govt companies like BSNL. Their employees of customer care rarely help to set the settings, this has been my personal experience)

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    add MTS's Mblaze - only on Delhi !

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    I am thinking of getting a Dual SIM for iPhone and using MTNL or Aircel or Airtel as a Web browsing data plan where I used Vodafone for phone in Mumbai.

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    iPhone with dual sim ?? i dnt get u !

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