Wonderful Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Stick!

Travel while you work! Get the latest Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Stick and get uninterrupted internet connection. No doubt wherever you go you will remain connected with this Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Stick.

Method of USAGE:
The usage of Vodafone is very simple and similar to USB Modem of Reliance, Airtel and others. The good part of Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Stick is that there are wide ranges of such sticks that enable one to connect your PC or Laptop to high speed mobile network. Now you have the freedom to browse the web, receive and read emails, send SMS text messages, upload and download data. The stick comes with different features to meet individual needs of users. Given below are few types of Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Stick Forms:
Vodafone K3715:
K3715 USB Stick:
Vodafone K3565-Z:
Vodafone K3565:
Vodafone K3760:
Vodafone K2525:

There are such more sticks from Vodafone to connect to internet. It is real time access to internet from any place within the nation. The Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Stick enables you to get high speed connectivity to internet through Vodafone EDGE network. The speed is almost 244 Kpbs. The Vodafone Stick comes handy for those people who require internet throughout and need to check emails or chat with friends using Instant Messenger.

Installation of the Vodafone Stick requires no complicated step. You just need to plug in and get started without any CD installation. Just you have to enter the user ID and password to connect the internet immediately. It is safe and there is no risk of getting your personal information stolen by mal-practice. You will off course need one Vodafone SIM card activated before you start using a Vodafone Mobile USB card Stick. Ask the retail outlet to provide you a SIM if you donít have one while you buy the USB Stick.

If you still want complete secure network of Internet access you should install VPN software that will give you complete secure access to your company server as well as intranet.

Different Tariff Plans:
The Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Stick comes with different tariff plans so that you can choose the plan that suits your needs of internet browsing. If you travel frequently you can choose the plan which suits your need of traveling. Doing this will save a lot of money that you otherwise spent on Hotel Internet Service Bills.

Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Stick user guide:
This Guide will enable you to troubleshoot and connect your Vodafone USB stick to your laptop or PC. You are guided step wise how to connect and troubleshoot problems when it arises.

Price and Plans:
The USB Stick Device has marked price of Rs. 2999. The internet charge is based on the plans you take. At present there are two plans for 499 & 699 Plan.

Rs. 499 Plan Ė 500Mb Free Data Usage + 5p/10KB Usage Charges for extra usage.
Rs. 699 Plan Ė 1GB Free Data Usage + 5p/10KB Usage Charges for extra usage.