An Idea can really change your life! The new internet USB Modem launched by Idea Cellular Network is really going to rock your life. The Net Setter EG612 USB Modem is the latest sensation in the field of internet connectivity. This modem has the facility of data and SMS. If you have been seeking a perfect wireless modem with good speed for browsing, download and upload that quickens your work and you can stay connected from any place throughout the nation while you travel get the Net Setter EG612 USB Modem.

Stylish and Slim:
The Idea Net Setter EG612 USB Modem is a slim and stylish modem that is meant for all sorts of systems – laptops, PCs, and notebooks. It looks gorgeous when it is attached to your laptop as you work. It is a dedicated data access device that is it supports GPRS access to be used wherever you are for wireless internet connectivity. Enjoy a new uninterrupted wireless connectivity.

This Net Setter EG612 USB Modem is the terminal available for high speed wireless access. Its 256 kpbs speed is really thrilling and you can upload data to share with friends and official members in no time. Whether you are inside your home, or traveling in a car or sitting in an office the speed remains uniform.

The Net Setter EG612 USB Modem follows the following standards:
* Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)
* General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)
* Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution (EDGE)
* It provides the Data Service and Short Message Service!
* Global roaming
* GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850 MHz/900 MHz/1800 MHz/1900 MHz
* GRPS/EDGE Class1~Class12
* Plug & Play function, Zero CD installation
* SIM-lock function

Why Net Setter EG612 USB Modem?
The peak rate of EDGE is quite effective and allows uninterrupted transfer of data. It allows 236-247 kpbs speed and the GPRS speed rate is nearly 98 kpbs.
It is very easy to install and connect through USB portal and also can be used in any PC or Laptop.
The service area comprises of EDGE/GPRS/GSM which enables you to roam both nationally and internationally.
Users can experience much more than wireless network than high speed reliable performance and easy operation of Net Setter EG612 USB Modem.
The price of the Net Setter EG612 USB Modem is the most affordable in the market. It is much less than other USB modems that is available in the market.
Have various plans that suit the needs of different users. One can select a plan according to one’s need only.

Net Setter 299 – Rental : 299Rs/month, Free Usage : 512 MB, Usage charges beyond free usage : Rs 2/mb
Net Setter 399 – Rental : 399Rs/month, Free Usage : 1Gb, Usage charges beyond free usage : Rs 2/mb
Net Setter 849 – Rental : 849Rs/month, Free Usage : Unlimited, N/A

You won’t find such cheap plans in any other wireless internet modem connection. The prices of Idea Net Setter EG612 USB Modem plan suit every bodies pocket and you don’t have to pay extra while you travel.