Buy & use EV-DO Data card Huawei EC 168 C on Tata Photon+, Reliance, & US Carrier

Buy & use EV-DO Data card Huawei EC 168 C on Tata Photon+, Reliance , BSNL & US Carrier (Alltell, Verizon)


Anyone here have a Reliance / Tata bought Huawei EC 168 that they would like to sell ?


I am based between US / India, and my business related travel brings me back & forth between the US and India. We provide strategy & solutions for international businesses that want to work across US/India.

I have a Huawei EC 168 C that I use for mobile broadband access in the US via Alltel / Verizon.

I see that TataIndicom Photon+ / Reliance NetConnect Broadband Plus services both use the same card so I do not see any reason or point in purchasing another of the same.
Note: I believe Tata, Reliance & Alltell / Verizon (US) currently or in the past have used the Huawei EC 168 EVDO USB Data Card.

We have several Senior folks who travel back & forth and would like to be able to do the same to make this easy.

We do not want to have to buy 3 cards from each ISP when the hardware is the same.

Is this something I can do easily with Software / Dialer / Simple Config file or do I have to do a Hack / Flash / ESN etc change?

What are the possibilities?


Would it be possible to set up & use this card with 2 ISPs in India?

If so, how can I go about doing it... and who should I talk to within the Tata / Reliance Tech departments?

I am guessing the guys at the local stores & service centers may or may not be able to make this happen? Or if they can... then how?

Can I self service (tech / networking consulting background) and do this install if you can provide configuration information once an account can be set up / ordered?

Could it be possible to purchase a local EC 168 C from Reliance / Tata and then figure out if it could be flexibly used for all : Tata, Reliance, BSNL & US Carrier (Alltell / Verizon).


- CB