Hi guys, I happened to use reliance netconnect borrowed from a friend in Ahmadabad for 3 days.. I also borrowed tata photon+ to see if reliance doesn't work, I can switch to tata, at least one of them should work .

I reached home at night and it took me hell lot of time to get reliance netconnect working, only to realize that reliance becomes very slow, when the signal changes to CDMA from "HYBRID". so I searched for the corner where the signal is good and remains Hybrid. The signal used to be good at night and it used to go CDMA during the day. I had a nightmare trying to make it work.

I also tried tata photon+ and technology wise, there's not much difference.

There are few things which need to be understood.. it depends on the area where you're staying and the number of subscribers in that area, not to mention the traffic load. This technology is still new in the indian market. if you take your card outside the city or to another city, and the signals are not consistent there, then god help you. you would be cursing this small piece like anything

I heard that tata provides better service than reliance but I haven't experienced it personally.