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Wireless internet connection

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    Talking Wireless internet connection

    hey everyone , well this is my new post and i am quite happy to see such a community backing up for broadband in India..
    i have joined an engineering college near rajahmundry and thinking of buying an wireless internet connection. now i need to know a few things.

    1.i don't know which connection to get well i have considered the following-
    a. netconnect + the 3.1 mbps one does not work here well according to the map atleast(ie. they have a map on their site very thoughtfull of them)

    b. relience 1x actually speaking its fine but i love watching videos and downloading huge stuff but you cant do that in this thing. infact i am using it right now its my roommates.

    c.idea nettsetter they even have an unlimited plan but every one on net says that they its the worst ever

    2. what are the other broadband options i could have
    3. how do you check the actual speed of your connection .. i tested on the speedtest site but i dont believe that my connection gives 400kbps

    4.well what should i go for then and which plan does bslnl offer any plans

    5. what are the data cards everyone keeps talking about and those evdo stuff

    well thats about all for now

    waiting for the answers

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    ( for reference )
    Usually Home 500 is the usual choice.
    ( automate downloads 0200AM and 0800 AM free Night usage)
    Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.
    Same way you can Check Airtel Tariff
    Use Google Search.

    2. If you are staying in a Hostel a wifi service may be available.
    Your desktop/laptop computer should have a wireless lan card.

    3. Adding a Datacard/Usb Modem etc to your system.
    Whether Tower is available ( as Hostel/colleges are located
    on the outskirts of the town ) confirm.
    Speed is not so good.
    Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited - BSNL EVDO - Details and Review
    seems not available in Rajamundry. check with you local Telephone Exchange.
    BSNL EVDO Enabled Cities in India | BSNL EVDO CLUB

    Para two:
    More details after you select a BB service.

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    actally iam looking only for a mobile sollution mobile as in wireless.
    so that rules out that home 500 plan

    can you please explain what exactly is an evdo card and how its differnt from other cards

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    CHOICE NO 3 : Wireless Broadband.
    ( No landline facility used )
    the links given.
    Check with Nearest Exchange availability of EV-DO in Rajamundry / town extension area /your Hostel area.

    EV-DO card usually called USB modem/Datacard is used in USBport of desktop/laptop.
    Similar to a memory USB stick.

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