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Fastest broadband Service in India

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    Default Fastest broadband Service in India

    Fastest broadband Service in India

    Over the years India has seen a drastic change in the world of web browsing with major giants leaping in providing ISP services and offering competitive pricing internet service. And in the race of providing the fastest broadband service in India the one which wins the race is definitely the BSNL. The company a joint venture of Indian Government and Tata has been able to offer 8 Mbps speed connection and is being considered the fastest home/business broadband connection in India.

    This fastest broadband connection service is offered with the name DATA-One which is a wireless connection and at present they have introduced the EVDO technology of wireless internet access that offers the speed promised to consumers. BSNL has the largest PSTN network which enables them to offer the fastest speed of broadband connection. They have launched the 8 Mbps speed in December 2007 and after that they gradually improved the connectivity and plans. Today it is considered not only the fastest broadband service but also the cheapest broadband service in entire India.

    Download Speed at the rate of 2.4 Mbps:
    Theoretically the EVDO can provide you a speed of 2.4 Mbps with Rev 0 and 3.1 Mbps with Rev A. It is the most feasible internet application for both computers and laptops. You can travel to any corner of the country and if there is BSNL network you are blessed to get internet connection. BSNL EVDO uses radiosignals for wireless transmission of data, typically for broadband internet access and also uses techniques like Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) as well as the Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) to maximize the individual userís throughput and overall system.

    You will need to buy the BSNL EVDO card for internet access. You have to purchase the card at cost of Rs. 3500 at one time charge. There is no need to make any monthly rentals for the card. Only you have to pay for the prepaid or the post paid tariff for the service that you. The tariff and pricing per GB differs from cities to cities in India. But the pricing remains somewhere between Rs. 450-600 per month for 2.4 mbps speed and Rs. 500-700 for 3.4 Mbps speed.
    If you are really hunting for a fast broadband internet connection and wish that it can provide you uninterrupted browsing facility even when you are traveling then get the latest BSNL EVDO wireless broadband connectivity. Have peace of mind with this internet connectivity which is now available in major cities across the nation and provides roaming to most destinations throughout India.

    BSNL Tariff for EVDO:
    There are two plans for the broadband wireless connection. One is the monthly rental and the other is prepaid purchase amount. The cost of the device of EVDO modem is Rs. 3,500 (get the best offers that may be available as promotion and others). The given below table indicates the plans of wireless BSNL Broadband tariff:
    Network Type
    CDMA 1x 144 Kbps Unlimited 250 + 200 + Tax 250 Rs
    EVDO 2.4 Mbps Unlimited 550 + 200 + Tax 550 Rs
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    I disagree with you.... AIRTEL have 24 mbps plan so how is BSNL is fastest?
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