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3g Datacard for EVDO?

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    Question 3g Datacard for EVDO?

    Hi all,

    Just wondering whether any 3G data card could be used for BSNL Evdo.

    I just wanted make sure my investment is less as well as worth.

    Spending around 2K again and again for wireless is gonna hurt me (mostly everyone) a lot.

    In that case whose data card to buy? Is there any 3G data cards that works for all service providers in market? I have seen one such in coimbatore but i don't know whether it works (Don't want to take risk!! ). Price was around 2.3K.

    Please let me know.


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    Question No it is Not Possible

    First of all you have to know that current 3g(UMTS/HSDPA/HSPA/HSPA+) technology is completely different from the EVDO technology or the mobile broadband technology. They both use different frequencies and hence as far as i think it is not possible.
    You can do one thing, and that is get an unlocked 3g datacard, and you can use any 3g connection with it.
    And if you want to know whether 3g is better or EVDO, then i would say that it depends on your region. As far as my experience is concerned, i prefer EVDO over 3g, because it has less latency and more coverage(in my area). But the current EVDO technology in India provides speeds upto 3.1Mbps(correct me if i am wrong here). And as far as plans are considered, after BSNL withdrew their unlimited plans, i think EVDO is cheaper than 3g.

    But still i have the same question?
    Is there a datacard that supports both the networks? I mean dual sim kind of data card having slots for both CDMA2000 and 3g slots??
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    Not the ones available in India. But such datacards are available in China and Korea.
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