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Beat Modem getting hot problem easily...

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    Default Beat Modem getting hot problem easily...

    well this isnt proffessional and try it out on your own risks. but i find it very nice when it comes to moderating the temperature of your small 3G modem..

    1. take a polybag of size 250-500gms. (consider a thicker one).
    2. glass of water into it.
    3. a cotton cloth into the water.

    now put a matchbox below your modem which is connected to the frontal ports(considering you are connected at front ports and not rear ones), this is done to make a base below the modem so that the male-female doesnt get loosened up..

    now put the polybag (check if its perfectly tightened at neck-to avoid spilling).

    now check your internet. before applying this, i was remaining busy because of hot-head modem. now since the temperature is moderated by a little margin, helps alot.. try out..
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    Mickey have you tried this method out yourself?

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