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Android Intercept phone? or anyone with USB knowledge plz help!?

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    Default Android Intercept phone? or anyone with USB knowledge plz help!?

    Android Intercept phone? or anyone with USB knowledge plz help!?
    Hello, i have an android intercept and i have pictures on it that i want to transfer to my laptop and when i plug in my USB cable to my phone and to my laptop nothing pops up like it use to.. anyone know how i can open it up? because its not showing when i click on the start button - my computer its not showing up there either.. i tried restarting my phone nothing. i would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks, God Bless!

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    Hi Heather

    Welcome to India Broadband Forum

    If you are not getting any popup on your computer (I consider as you are not getting charge or any singnal of USB connected on phone too) after connecting USB then try to connect it to a different USB port and consider chaning USB cable once. If it doesnt help then please check if it is getting listed in Device Manager on your computer or not.

    If it is not listed in device manager or if it is not showing connected on phone too then its a fault with USB cable or there is a physical connection problem.

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    When you first plug-in your USB and firewall, you have to install the driver to connect your mobile and computer. The driver can be installed from the internet. Normally your computer will automatically detect your USB driver. If it is not, you have to check manually from your device manager or check if your USB port/computer support the firewall.

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