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Can i use any prepaid sim in the postpaid Airtel dongle?

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    Question Can i use any prepaid sim in the postpaid Airtel dongle?


    I wanted to use Internet in my Laptop. I enquired the cheapest wireless connections and finally i got to know that a prepaid sim can be use if we have a prepaid dongle.

    No i have a question that, can i use a prepaid sim in a postpaid Airtel dongle?

    If yes, please let me know the process.

    Thanks in Advance.
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    if you have unlocked data card you can use any SIM with it - prepaid/postpaid any operator.

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    Once the dongle has been unlocked, there is no process it would start working automatically. Just make sure that you have a data pack activated.

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    Yes you can use a prepaid or even postpaid sim in an Airtel dongle as long as it is unlocked. If the dongle is new then it would be locked and you would have to get it unlocked.

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