Hi Friends,

See I'm very new to 3G service and request you recommendation.

Ok now let me explain what I have and what I will be using my 3G for.

1 Mobile (Samsung Galaxy S2) (using Vodafone as a service provider)
1 Desktop (with dlink USB wifi adapter)
2 Laptop

BSNL broadband 2mbps plan connect to a d-link wifi router via d-link modem. (sorry for not remembering the model)

Ok, this is what I have and I'm planning to buy Huawei E560 data card in few days.

I planned to use a 3G sim in Huawei E560

Now I am going to use the 3G connection to check emails on the go and download some HD movies in the weekends.

I can be a little flexible in tariff but not too much.

My main consideration is I should get good reception in my city.

Now I am living in Anna Nagar, Chennai. I travel a lot inside city.

Looking forward for your recommendations.

Thank You.