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    i currently have a bsnl broadband (landline) connection, now i want to shift to a 3G service as the landline is creating a very high ping and frequent disconnection of line or dead phone etc. Have complained to BSNL many time but these things keep on happening.

    Now i need a 3G service with unlimited download and atleast 2 mbps speed.

    Which one should i go for like Airtel, Aircel vodaphone etc etc.

    The cheap and best one plz


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    wireless connections generally don't give good pings as latency varies due to last mile unreliable wireless network & secondly 3G unlimited plans are rare, few though available have speed capping after certain usage limit.
    You may check out cable broadband connections in your area, they generally provide unlimited plans with constant ping & speed.

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    Best 3G plans for unlimited downloading with cheap rates is BSNL as compare to others. It gives good speed to browse.

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    There are no unlimited 3G plans in India. The ones that call themselves unlimited are actually limited usage for example 15GB unlimited means you get 3G speed till you use up 15GB then they cap your speed to 64kbps which is like a dial up connection even thought it is unlimited but what would you really do with it?

    Mtnl is by far the cheapest one but it is only available in Delhi and Mumbai and they only have cheap plans in Delhi and Mumbai ones are a bit costlier then the Delhi ones.
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