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Best/Most Suitable Wireless Broadband for Mira Road (Mumbai)

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    Default Best/Most Suitable Wireless Broadband for Mira Road (Mumbai)

    Hello All,

    i'll be shifting to Mira Road from Andheri in 2~3 weeks time.
    I'm currently VERY happy with my 2mbps Unlimited MTNL Triband but i won't be able to take it with me to Mira Rd.

    Hence i enquire, which wireless connection would offer the best bang for the buck?
    Usage will border on Moderate~to~Heavy

    The most important factor for me is Zero-to-Minimal downtime.

    Kind Regards - Vishal

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    Mtnl 3g is working fine for me for almost a month now and I am paying Rs1650 a month for 200GB data limit. Speed I normally get on torrents is between 2.5 to 3mbps. I have not seen any downtime atall.
    I am in Delhi so you would have to check if same plans are available in Mumbai as well. Dont forget to check if the signal is good in the area you would be living.

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