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Difference between G, E, 3G, H, H+ and 4G?

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    Default Difference between G, E, 3G, H, H+ and 4G?

    Many of you may have noticed that at times you get different signal signs on your mobile phone or dongle connection and like me many not know what the signs means. I recently found out what each signal signs means so find below wha each signal sign means. I hope this thread will help others to understand the difference.

    2G - GSM technology, maximum download speed is 14.4kbps, maximum upload speed is 14.4kbps

    G - GPRS technology, maximum download speed is 53.6kbps, maximum upload speed is 26.8kbps

    E - EDGE technology, maximum download speed is 217.6kbps, maximum upload speed is 108.8kbps

    3G - UMTS technology, maximum download speed is 384kbps, maximum upload speed is 128kbps

    H - HSPA technology, maxmum download speed is 7.2mbps, maximum upload speed is 3.6mbps

    H+ - HSPA + technology, maximum download speed is 14.4mbps, maximum upload speed is 5.76mbps

    4G - LTE technology, maximum download speed is 100mbps, maximum upload speed is 500mbps

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    Thanks for this information Wadhwan, but I think there are more options for H+, I am not too sure myself to what the difference in the other H+ signals is, but there is a speed difference I think.

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    Thanks for putting this together as lots of people have no idea which technology supports what bandwidth. This should give every one an idea about the max limits. Please note that actual speeds would be much much lower as what is mentioned in this thread is the maximum speed these technologies support. Actual throughput will depend on lots of other factors.

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    I dont know whether it is just me who thinks this, but I think E and GPRS is not used as much now, due to 2G, 3G and 4G being available?

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    Thanks bhai for combining all that. it will help alot of users and visitors who want to know about these tecgnology.
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    Does this mean that HSPA is better than 3G according to the order these technologies have been listed?

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