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Difference in CDMA and GSM

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    Default Difference in CDMA and GSM

    I need some help in understanding the difference between CDMA and GSM technology. I know these two technologies are used for mobile phones but it is not clear to me how these two difference from each other or as compared to 3G. I would be greatful if someone could please explain.

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    IN simple language, just like petrol and diesel cars, mobile technology is GSM and CDMA based. CDMA is far more spectrum efficient, so you get better average speeds and better indoor reception. Call clarity is much better in CDMA and even data reception is much better, particularly indoors. But it comes at the cost of higher battery drain and you need specialised handsets for CDMA. Earlier there was a major problem in getting high-end handsets. But now number of unlocked EVDO+GSM dual SIM handsets are available in India also.
    CDMA is used by 3 out of the 5 major telecom companies of USA, 1 out of 3 major telecom companies of China and 1 out of 6 major companies of Russia. Europe and majority rest of the world are based on GSM. In India there are 3 major CDMA operators, MTS, Reliance CDMA and TATA Indicom CDMA.
    EVDO Rev.A is the 3G version of CDMA. Evdo Rev.B can be considered as the 4G equivalent. MTS network is now 100% EVDO Rev.B and TATA Indicom (CDMA) and Reliance CDMA are part EVDO Rev.B and part EVDO Rev.A.
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