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Uninor Unlimited Wikipedia usage

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    Default Uninor Unlimited Wikipedia usage

    Uninor mobile will now be providing free Wikipedia access for its internet users on their mobile devices. When using Wikipedia on a Uninor connection there will be no charges for data.
    The reason Uninor is providing this service is so that they can spread more awareness about literacy, especially in the rural areas.
    This free usage will be available from 1st April for three months.

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    Wiki is mostly text and there would be very less data transferred even if you use it all day. Offers like this just create trouble in the end. There will be many people who will complain that all they used was wiki and they still got charged for data and so on. Leads to more unhappy customers. Instead of this it would get more attention and bigger market share if they could just reduce their data charges.
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    That is right, it will lead to more confusion in the billing finally. All customers are not honest always and they can easily argue on the usage. Moreover, what about the external links being plotted in Wikipedia site? Hope Uninor will charge for it. In that case it would be a good revenue for the company.

    But as far as the intention is concerned, it is not bad I think. But the question is how feasible it is. Wikipedia being a free online encyclopedia it can be helpful for various sections of society like students, teachers, researchers etc. The company may be thinking that it will increase the popularity and acceptability of Uninor. May be it will work too.

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