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Best 3G service in tamil nadu and Andhra

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    Default Best 3G service in tamil nadu and Andhra

    I would like to know the network quality for Docomo 3G, Airtel 3G or BSNL 3G in Chennai and other parts of Tamil nadu and Andhra.. which one is more preferaable and have the best range in these states? I hav a universal dongle from huawei..
    I live stream football matches , so i need the best 3G network coverage.. no budget constraints

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    I have been to Chennai on a small trip and had my Airtel connection which worked very well, even 3G was good. I have not used BSNL or Docomo so can not comment on those I am afraid. Regarding streaming I would vote for Airtel as nationwide as they have provide the best 3G speeds.

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    BSNL works well but not in all locations, I have not used Airtel before but have heard that their coverage is excellent.

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