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Li-Fi is tested 100 times faster than WiFi!

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    Default Li-Fi is tested 100 times faster than WiFi!

    After WiFi, now it is the time for LiFi. LiFi has finally been tested in a real world environment where it could send data at 100 times faster than WiFi.

    Estonian startup Velmenni is currently testing this technology in offices and industrial settings. They became successful in sending through LiFi touting light bulbs at a speed upto 1GB. It is so powerful that you can just down download a HD film in just seconds! Here the communication is through light. It uses light bulbs that flash on and off extremely fast sending binary information to a recipient.

    In future its possibilities are unlimited as it would be a more secure network as LiFi can penetrate walls too.

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    That sounds very amazing. Where do you read all this tech information. I need to subscribe.

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