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World League Baseball

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    Arrow World League Baseball

    Compete in Baseball!


    With fascinating visual effects, players could choose their favorite team. To compete with the smart AI, and get the world champion. You will face kinds of batters/pitchers with various attributes and different styles of batting/pitching sprites. You will be delighted at this 3*3 batting model using your thumb, and get great grades in complete statistic system of the tournament model. Not only you could play it alone, but also you could upload grades to the web to compete with the players all around the world.

    Kung-Fu Fighter

    Demonstrate your fighting prowess

    Kung Fu Fighters

    The year is 2015. Globalization has reached its peak, and the world has fallen under the control of several international cartels. In order to resolve disputed borderline territories, leaders have resorted to hosting an underground fighting tournament. The stakes are incredibly high. It will be brutal, and it will be a fight to the death among only their most elite fighters.

    The choice is yours! Choose from a variety of fighters such as Ryo, Bruce, Jane, Tyson, Tuah or Fei Fei possessing unique fighting styles including Shotokan, Jeet Kun Do, Military Fighting, Boxing, Street Brawling and Karate. Demonstrate your fighting prowess to show who is boss and dominate the competition in the fiercest underground fighting event ever witnessed and emerge as the ultimate winner! The stage has been set, but the question is: Do you have what it takes?

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    That was nice eddy, thx

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